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FREE Evaluation

Here at 203k9 we offer a free evaluation - this is where you and your dog will meet a trainer...

Private Lessons

Private lessons are where we coach the owner on how to train their own dog. Our...

Basic and Advanced Obedience Training

In order for a dog to learn we must open up a clear line of communication between...

Personal Protection and Sport Training

Personal protection is the highest form of obedience. A clear line of communication must...

Competition Training

*Not all dogs are suitable for this type of training, Contact us for further details…


Our day-in-training program allows owners the freedom to drop their dog off for...

Behavior Modification

We also have a behavior modification program, this program is very successful. Many owners....

Board and Training

This is our most popular training program. Your dog will live with us for x amount of days, we ...

Adam S.

Marc from 203k9 turned our 1 year old German shepherd mix into a happily trained dog that can be trusted on and off leash. Previous to training, Bailey was almost unbearable to take for walks and would not listen to basic commands. We have tried other places for training but nothing truly worked with him. Not only did Marc train Bailey, he also taught us how to continue the training at home. Taking Bailey to 203k9 was worth every dollar and would recommend it to anyone looking to train their dog.

Shanice B.

All three of my dogs have been trained by 203K9. My main goal with 203k9 was to be able to walk my dogs without pulling and tugging the leash, and now we are able to walk without leashes at all, thanks to their wonderful team! We also had issues with my female dog having aggression towards other female dogs, and now she has friends of all genders, shapes, and sizes! You can tell these guys are passionate about what they do and that shows through the energy of the dogs they work with. I couldn't have asked for more!

Dr. Josh

I've been working with 203k9 for several months now for our two German Shepherds. After several weeks of meeting and interviewing some excellent trainers and schools, I decided that these guys are the best - and I couldn't be happier. The results are outstanding, their knowledge has been second to none, and the willingness to go above and beyond for their clients was/is truly exceptional. Happy to serve as a reference anytime.

Our Packages

The time with your dog is limited, but your life with them shouldn’t be. Most dog owners never learn how to properly and effectively communicate with their dogs or build that beautiful bond of leadership that dogs desperately require.

Package 1
Our private lessons are designed to teach you on how to properly train
From $55
Package 2
Our private lessons are designed to teach you on how to properly train
From $55
Package 3
Our private lessons are designed to teach you on how to properly train
From $55