Our Goal

Our main goal and priority in our training programs is to enhance the relationship between YOU and YOUR BESTFRIEND !



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FREE Evaluation

Here at 203k9 we offer a free evaluation - this is where you and your dog will meet a trainer...

Private Lessons

Private lessons are where we coach the owner on how to train their own dog. Our...

Basic and Advanced Obedience Training

In order for a dog to learn we must open up a clear line of communication between...

Personal Protection and Sport Training

Personal protection is the highest form of obedience. A clear line of communication must...

Competition Training

*Not all dogs are suitable for this type of training, Contact us for further detailsโ€ฆ


Our day-in-training program allows owners the freedom to drop their dog off for...

Behavior Modification

We also have a behavior modification program, this program is very successful. Many owners....

Board and Training

This is our most popular training program. Your dog will live with us for x amount of days, we ...

A trained dog is a happy dog. Here at 203k9 we have helped hundreds of dog owners improve the lives they lead with their dogs. Our main goal is to enhance the relationship between YOU and your BESTFRIEND!

IACP Member

We are associate members of the IACP since 2016

Canine Good Citizen

We are recognized by the American Kennel Club as an AKC CGCยฎ Approved Evaluator

National K9 Training Center

Both Steven and Marc are graduates of the National K9 School for dog trainers, and both studied and passed their Master Trainer Program


One of the many dog sports we have competed and placed in.

Our Team

Steven Cordoba

Marc DiCicco

Keith & Jess

I sent my dog to two board and train sessions at 2 weeks each, once at 6 months and another at 9 months of age. The trainings were the on leash and off leash packages and I can say with confidence my dog came home knowing exactly what she was doing and I am very pleased with the results. Marc was the trainer and we received regular video/photo updates while our dog was away (yes, this is hard on the family to send the dog away) but at the end of both sessions where was no impact to her personality nor any other negative consequences of sending her away for so long. Instead, she came back from training number 1 with a series of versatile and useful commands which is PLENTY to use in lots of situations. There's really no confusion between the dog and I, she knows what we're saying 100%. The second session was the off leash training and though it has only been about 2 weeks since we got her back, she will walk at my side at my pace, I can let her roam around if I want and then call her back to my side, I can set her down and she'll stay there until called - it's been pretty awesome. Overall I recommend both trainings and the company itself, plus once you're part of the 203K9 family there are additional perks you learn about as you go. Really pleased with what we paid for and will continue to be a happy customer.

Jessica and Van -Niko

My husband and I knew we wanted our 8-month old pitbull puppy (at the time) Niko to be well trained and well behaved especially when in public settings. We did the 1-month board and train program and I highly recommend it. Steven was truly amazing with our pitbull Niko and understanding his needs as an extremely high energy, highly driven dog. During the 1-month program, both my husband and I would go weekly for private lessons to also โ€œbe trainedโ€ on how to handle Niko properly in a variety of settings and situations. We would do lessons where I would be working with Niko one-on-one while my husband sat to the side and vice versa, as well as, doing sessions where we would work with Niko together. Even at over a year old, Niko is very well behaved in a variety of public settings, doesnโ€™t pull during walks and is able to be off leash in large outdoor areas while following his basic commands. Steven was readily available during his transition period home and even to this day, months after his program, to do a follow up session. I also have done a number of group classes to gain confidence and to become more comfortable walking Niko alongside other dogs and in public places without getting anxious. It is still โ€œa work in progressโ€, but Steven has been very patient with me and clear on what to do and what not to do with Niko. I could go on, but we could not be happier with the dog Niko has become and it was all thanks to Steven and his 203k9 team! We cannot thank them enough!

Tyler and Samantha

We put our dog, Sayler, through a 2 week boarding program consisting of confidence boosting and on-leash training. Before the training with 203K9, she was very scared of almost everything (dogs, humans, the trash can at the street corner, etc.). After the training, she was a completely different dog. She listened almost on every command, walked right next to us and was unfazed with other dogs and people. She even let other people and dogs come up to her. Her transformation is absolutely incredible, and we can with 100% certainty vouch for 203K9! If your dog has any kind of issue, Iโ€™m sure they can fix it, and at an affordable price! Thank you to Steve and his crew for their hardwork and dedication to making our Sayler better all around. We will continue training with 203K9 in the future without question.

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