Private Lessons

Our private lessons are designed to teach you on how to properly train and handle your dog in which you will meet one on one with a trainer.

Personal Protection and Sport Training 

*Not all dogs are suitable for this type of training, Contact us for further details.

351 Courtland Ave.​

Stamford, CT 06902




By Appointment only


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Board and Training


Our board and training program is designed to give your dog a solid obedience foundation in which you take the skills they've achieved and build on them, thus opening up a clear line of communication between you and your dog.


Soon we will offer a basic on-leash activity program where your dog will receive a basic day-in training along with pack walks and proper socialization while you're away for the day.Pick-up and drop-off service will be available also!



-Our main goal and priority in our training

programs is to enhance the relationship


                                                                                        -Steven Cordoba

Tel: (203)-979-8054

Marc DiCicco

Certified Professional Dog Trainer

FREE Evaluation

At 203K9 we offer a FREE evaluation at our facility where we meet you & your dog and determine which training program is best suitable for you and your family.

Tel:  (203)-832-8661

Steven Cordoba

Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Head Trainer

Tel:  (203)-981-2924

Chris Jerome

Tel:  (203)-912-3279

Eric Pace