Keith & Jess

I sent my dog to two board and train sessions at 2 weeks each, once at 6 months and another at 9 months of age. The trainings were the on leash and off leash packages and I can say with confidence my dog came home knowing exactly what she was doing and I am very pleased with the results. Marc was the trainer and we received regular video/photo updates while our dog was away (yes, this is hard on the family to send the dog away) but at the end of both sessions where was no impact to her personality nor any other negative consequences of sending her away for so long. Instead, she came back from training number 1 with a series of versatile and useful commands which is PLENTY to use in lots of situations. There's really no confusion between the dog and I, she knows what we're saying 100%. The second session was the off leash training and though it has only been about 2 weeks since we got her back, she will walk at my side at my pace, I can let her roam around if I want and then call her back to my side, I can set her down and she'll stay there until called - it's been pretty awesome. Overall I recommend both trainings and the company itself, plus once you're part of the 203K9 family there are additional perks you learn about as you go. Really pleased with what we paid for and will continue to be a happy customer.

Jessica and Van -Niko

My husband and I knew we wanted our 8-month old pitbull puppy (at the time) Niko to be well trained and well behaved especially when in public settings. We did the 1-month board and train program and I highly recommend it. Steven was truly amazing with our pitbull Niko and understanding his needs as an extremely high energy, highly driven dog. During the 1-month program, both my husband and I would go weekly for private lessons to also “be trained” on how to handle Niko properly in a variety of settings and situations. We would do lessons where I would be working with Niko one-on-one while my husband sat to the side and vice versa, as well as, doing sessions where we would work with Niko together. Even at over a year old, Niko is very well behaved in a variety of public settings, doesn’t pull during walks and is able to be off leash in large outdoor areas while following his basic commands. Steven was readily available during his transition period home and even to this day, months after his program, to do a follow up session. I also have done a number of group classes to gain confidence and to become more comfortable walking Niko alongside other dogs and in public places without getting anxious. It is still “a work in progress”, but Steven has been very patient with me and clear on what to do and what not to do with Niko. I could go on, but we could not be happier with the dog Niko has become and it was all thanks to Steven and his 203k9 team! We cannot thank them enough!

Tyler and Samantha

We put our dog, Sayler, through a 2 week boarding program consisting of confidence boosting and on-leash training. Before the training with 203K9, she was very scared of almost everything (dogs, humans, the trash can at the street corner, etc.). After the training, she was a completely different dog. She listened almost on every command, walked right next to us and was unfazed with other dogs and people. She even let other people and dogs come up to her. Her transformation is absolutely incredible, and we can with 100% certainty vouch for 203K9! If your dog has any kind of issue, I’m sure they can fix it, and at an affordable price! Thank you to Steve and his crew for their hardwork and dedication to making our Sayler better all around. We will continue training with 203K9 in the future without question.

Adam B.

I highly recommend the 1 month board and train program. I came out weekly for private lessons with Marc, he sent video updates showing her progression. He did a great job with keeping me informed with what she was learning each week.

Prior to the board and train, my dog bear was reactive to dogs and people she was unfamiliar with. Bear is a 90 pound mastador who at the time was a huge liability to me. I was afraid to bring her places because of the way she acted towards other dogs and People.

Marc desensitized bear to dogs and people. He also provided me with a clear line of communication that gives me control of her on and off leash. I’m now able to bring her places I thought Would never possible a month ago.

Im very happy with my experience at 203 K-9 it was worth every penny.

Thank you Marc


Marc and Eric were great with our dogs! We have a 5yr old American bulldog and a 1yr old boxer. The 5yr old was dog aggressive and the puppy had no manners whatsoever! Since they have arrived home the older dog seems to be desensitized when he walks past other dogs which is amazing, the puppy will still need continual training but is much better than she was on and off leash. I highly recommend the month program it really is a life changer for us. -Bill & Trish Ostrander

Nick & Domonique

Eric was an absolute GEM in the process of training our 9 month old 80 lbs American bully! He really listened to our wants and needs and made sure to create a plan custom to who we are and what would be ideal for our puppy Romeo ! Not only did he lay the ground rules for Romeos training but I feel like he really trained us as handlers so we can understand how to observe and command properly. I recommend Eric highly due to his knowledge, professionalism and passion for dog training. Can’t thank you enough!

Dana Busching

Truly a life-changing experience. Our dog, Helo, a 1.5 year mini Aussie, has had symptoms of aggression since he was a puppy. We've been through multiple trainers, including a 1 month boarding program, and all of his aggression problems have only gotten worse. Barking out of control, snapping at people and other dogs, and refusing to come when called anytime he got out of the house. Most recently, he bit a neighbor who helped catch him when he got out. We were worried we might be out of options, and were stressing daily about every interaction Helo had with other people.

Marc and the team at 203k9 rebuilt our dog from the ground up. We went with the full month program, which was definitely the right call, because now we know that whether he's got a leash on or not, we're still in control. We visited Marc 3 times while he was in training, which allowed us to see the progress and learn as Helo was learning.

Helo came home with the same spunky personality as before, but now we are able to quickly correct him when he starts showing any signs of losing his cool. He responds to all of our commands, even when outside without a leash on, which makes our lives way less stressful. One other great thing is that we have more 1-on-1 and group sessions coming up, both to refresh Helo's training and to give us the opportunity to ask more questions and learn new skills ourselves.

Really couldn't be happier with our experience. Money very well spent, and knowing the results of "cheaper" programs, this is by far the best bang for the buck. Would have saved a lot of money by making this decision sooner.

Thanks to Marc and everyone at 203k9!

Steve D.

About four months ago we adopted our Dutch Sheppard from Mark at 203K9. We were previous dog owners for the past twenty five years, but have never had the experience of owning a fully professionally trained dog. The old saying that there is “nothing better than a well mannered dog” couldn’t be more true. Mowgli has quickly become a valued member of our family. He is a joy to walk throughout our neighborhood and extremely well behaved at home. Mark remained available to us throughout our dog’s adjustment period. He has even come out to the house to work with Mowgli. If you are looking to have a well mannered dog that understands its place in your family pack, then look no further. I can’t say enough about how good Mark is at his profession, but also an obvious dog lover and advocate for the advancement of dogs in our community. Thank you Mark!

Alex B.

We had an amazing experience with the 203K9 team and can not recommend them enough! Eric trained our wirehaired pointing griffon Phoebe for both on leash and off leash training. As a family of four with two young kids we knew it was important to have a well adjusted dog and thanks to the 203K9 team we have just that. Phoebe is now so well behaved, listens to commands, is well adjusted around other dogs, doesn't pull during walks, and is able to be off leash in large outdoor areas. During the training Eric cared for her like she was one of his own dogs. Doing training with 203K9 was one of the best decisions we've made.


We reached out to 203k9 for help with our very scared, low confidence Pitbull. He was not friendly to most men and kids, sounds would scare him. I’m not sure how he ended up like this. But I knew it wasn’t healthy and with a baby on the way I knew he needed a change. So after a month of boarding him with 203k9 he did a compleat 360. He is the best dog on and off leash, he has no issues with any human or sound. He is amazing with kids. I am just so thankful for 203k9 they really are amazing and do the best job!!! I highly recommend 203k9!!!

Theresa L.

I have a 1 year old high energy and big personality German Shepard who would aggressively bark at everything that moves (people, dogs, and even leaves). After the first lesson with Steve at 203k9, I was shocked with how much progress was made. The second training session exceeded all expectations. I saw Lola not only walking on the street but off leash with another dog. Steve kept in touch with me throughout the day ( as he could tell I was nervous dropping Lola off for the day) by sending pictures and videos of their training sessions. He was always alert and attentive to Lola’s behavior as well as the other dogs in the session. 203K9s experience definitely shows and I’d highly recommend them.

Jonathan Apicella

Bringing my GSP to 203K9 was one of the best decisions. She was very afraid of loud noises (cars, trucks, motorcycles) and she would shut down on walks or just pull on the leash to go back home. I did the 4 week board and train program, I was nervous about leaving her but when I went in for the evaluation Steven and his team were so welcoming to us and her, I knew this was the place. We came in once or twice a week to work with her and were amazed at her progress. She was so confident, we walked along busy streets with loud noises and she showed no signs of stress. I was very interested in the off leash training and the first time we came in to walk her off leash we couldn't believe our eyes. She walked at our pace, slowing down or speeding up whenever we did. Our walks used to be so stressful with all the pulling but now it was so fun, it was a joy to walk her. We hike all the time off leash and its great to be able to do that but even better that I can have control of her if I need to. Before the board and train I would have never let her off leash in fear she would run off if she heard a scary sound or simply just to chase an animal. She is highly prey driven like any pointer and even when she is in pursuit I can have her do a recall back to me. That to me says a lot, and speaks highly on Steven's training and her ability to listen to her commands despite any distractions. A part of the training that I thought was really important that many people like myself probably wouldn't have thought of is that Steven doesn't just train your dog, he trains you. I learned a lot about dog body language and how to communicate with my dog correctly with the leash and through corrections that she would understand. I highly recommend 203 K9 to any one looking for dog training. Training really helped to enhance my dog's life, she now has the ability to do the things she loves and she's no longer scared to do so. Please do not be discouraged if your calls don't get through the first time. Keep trying or send a text, the team is always training and I saw their dedication firsthand. If your dog is in the program, you will get frequent updates on how they are doing or you can just ask for a quick update(Videos, text, Instagram). I looked up many places for training and I'm so happy I found 203K9. Did I mention that Steven also brings your dog back to your home in the final week of training so that you can a lesson in your neighborhood. This is NOT one of those programs where you drop your dog off and never hear from the trainer again. Being an active part in the training is essential and the only way your dog will truly listen and respect YOU.

Lori L.

No Way we said (my husband and I), No way she said (my dog groomer), No way they said (my co-workers)…YES WAY! Probably the first time in my life I was excited to be “WRONG!” These guys are the Gurus of the Dog World, they are the Alpha Dog to the 10th power. Truth be told, it was very difficult to leave our dog with a stranger; we had a very hard time separating from him, however after the daily conversations with Marc, text messages and videos he quickly put our mind at ease and Koda loves him. Our dog went to 203K9 as a high energy, rambunctious puppy that DID NOT listen to any commands whatsoever! After 2 weeks, he come home as the same high energy, rambunctious puppy who listens to every command I give him and for that I thank Marc and 203K9! People think their dog is going to come home different; when in reality, their dog will come home happy. While my dog was away at training, I had a number of conversations with people who were asking about the program and when I told them they were a bit hesitant to understand, NOW that he is home, they are asking for contact information. I now know that not all dogs learn the same way and that is why 203K9 are the go to guys who can pick the correct training regimen for you and your Best Friend. Thank you Marc and 203K trainers for all that you did for our family…Koda loves you and we are truly grateful. *** Just as I finished writing this, we adopted Stella, same issues, same trainer, same results. The only down side is I think my dogs like Marc more than they like us (LOL)​~lori:george:koda:stella

Chloe and Dom A.

As first time dog owners, Marc and the 203K9 team have been great to work with and have shared their extensive knowledge about obedience training and what is expected of a large breed dog. Their patience and availability for questions is above and beyond what we expected. We brought our dog Ozzy to Marc for basic obedience training and then off leash training as well and couldn't be happier. We recommend them for anyone who just got a puppy or has an older dog. Marc and the 203K9 team have treated Ozzy like he was their own. We can't thank them enough!

F. Maduri

Eric did a phenomenal job with Dixie, our rescued yellow lab. She is a high energy, very intelligent, working type dog. He recognized her abilities and our desire to have a well-trained pet and was able to blend both into an excellent training program. He treated her exceptionally well and provided expert guidance to our family. She was with him four weeks total, 2 for on leash basic obedience, came home for a few weeks, then back for 2 weeks off leash training. We continue with her training on a daily basis. We highly recommend Eric. Thank you very much! Frank, Robin, and Christopher Maduri. Dixie thinks you are the greatest!

Katie M.

We’ve been working with Marc at 203k9 since our energetic GSD puppy was about 5 months old (he’s 10 months now) and have continually had great experiences. We started with private lessons for on leash obedience and recently did a two week boarding to really solidify our little guy's skills. As hard as it was to send him away, we knew he was safe and in great hands. We truly couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Everyone at 203k9 has a clear love and understanding of dogs and we are so glad 203k9 was recommended to us. These guys are amazing--you won't be disappointed!

Tom - Kimber

Kimber and I met with Steve to go over all the thing thst we could expect from his training programs. The 203k9 team was very professional and was all about the care and well being of your dog. They are hard worker and won’t stop until you are complete satisfied with your dogs training. It’s now been close to a year later, my wife and I now have a new born baby boy and with the help of Steve it was easy to introduce the baby to the dog and it’s was very easy with the training they gave him. I highly recommend the 203k9 guys they have passion for what they do and they give every dog a chance and work hard to please their clients. My dog is a working line German Shepherd with a lot of drive and Steve was able to handle him and teach him to be a great well mannered dog. You won’t be disappointed with these guy give them a call!!! The best thing you can do for your dog!!

Joseph a Tobias

I have a 7 month German shepherd puppy that joined 203k9 for their on/off leash program. My puppy's name is Kato and I've heard of 203k9 from social media. Kato at home was off the walls he would bite my other dog which is a Pitbull in the legs and it would result in them fighting badly. He didn't know how to walk on the leash which my mom has back problems so she could never walk him because he would always pull her on walks. Kato was also very dog aggressive as soon as he saw a dog he would go insane even if the dog was all the way down the street he would be on his two hind legs barking furiously. Kato had no maners what so ever. It really sucked because I couldn't take him anywhere where there was other dogs. As soon as I sent him away I had a class with the trainer Marc 10 days later I was in shock of how different he was with just 10 days of training he was a completely different dog. He didn't pull on the leash anymore he would sit and down. We went for a walk with Kato around their training facility and he payed no mind to other dogs being walked.After Kato finished his on leash training he went to the off leash training. At this point I realized that Kato was a complete trained dog with manners and he listetened to commands without a leash. I'm so happy that my young pup can be walked on or off leash around other dogs or distractions without showing any aggression what so ever. Kato doesn't pay my other dog at home any attention and doesn't bite his ankles anymore. Marc and Steve at 203k9 are truly pasionate in what they do and are great trainers because of them my pup is happy and enjoying life. I would recommend them to anyone having issues with their dog. It was a great experience sending my puppy to them.

Monica K.

203K9 did an incredible job with my Pomeranian Jimmy Choo! I rescued my little guy after he was returned 3x for aggression as well as some health complications, I worked on him as much as I could but still needed the help of professionals. Mark took in J-Choo with confidence guaranteeing I’ll see a change in him after 2 weeks of behavior modification training. Mark sent daily videos and pictures providing updates on his progress and allowing me to come half way through his training to work with him one on one. We have attended most of the group classes offered for direct interaction with other dogs to continue the training as well as follow-up private lessons when J-choo is ready for some more advanced training. J-choo did a complete 180 post his training with 203k9 and it’s amazing how they know how to learn, once the basic commands are down any new commands are more easily picked up like off leash training etc… 203k9 is remarkable and I HIGHLY recommend them!


The 203k9 team is amazing! Their hard work and dedication is unmatchable. My 4 year old pit bull was both dog and people aggressive. I could not walk her, I could not introduce her to new people, she was terrible in the car, I could barely take her to the vet without muzzling her. Steven and Marc introduced my girl to a whole new life. After a few weeks I was able to see her and work her through some of the new things she's learned, I was beyond shocked at the progress she made in such a short amount of time. It's a lot of work, you have to be willing to put in just as much time and effort as your dog... but so worth it! They really love what they do and it shows. No words can really explain how they helped change our lives. I would recommend them for any and all of your training needs! Laila and I are so SO thankful to be part of the 203k9 family and we can't wait for group classes!

John Perkins

I've had an amazing experience with 203k9 since enrolling my dog Emma with their training program. Before 203k9's training program, there was no was i could let my dog roam off leash without her running around wildly and she always had a type of aggression around other dogs... but within 3 short weeks, Steven and his crew were able to turn her behavior right around like night and day. I now can walk her around off leash with no issue, she's friendly around other dogs, and she listens extremely well. Thank you for all your help 203k9.

Katie C.

When I bit off more than I could chew by adopting an adorable but high maintenance Pit bull, I found 203 K9. I needed a trainer who knew how to train Pit bulls, specifically. I had been to several other trainers who only used edible reinforcers and would not allow a prong collar, which at the time was the only way I could keep myself and my pup safe. Steven saved us! He helped Jax and me to understand each other better, and helped me to communicate to Jax more clearly. Both Steven and Marc have a nurturing but fair and consistent authority with the dogs they train. They are compassionate to the dogs and their owners. They have a true expertise with bully breeds and a real passion for helping dogs. I unequivocally recommend 203 K9. Jax and I am forever grateful.

Benjamin James

Steven and his guys were very understanding and down to earth.they walked me thru every step of the start they helped me find the perfect puppy based on my needs .
When i left her with him I had no idea how my sensitive runaway girl"Katie" would return . And how impressed I was when she returned and not only had her obedience but off leash training as well.(no more running away!)she wants to please me and 203 k9 helped me to understand How to work with her more efficiently. every one that meets "Katie" is impressed with her abilitys .what they did with her is truly amazing.I absolutely suggest the guys at 203k9 to everyone I meet for there level of expertise and professionalism.

Patricia Ceraso

Mark DiCicco cares for every dog like it is his own. Mark has taken Grady, my 8 month old beagle mix puppy and transformed him into a well-mannered, well-behaved house pet. Grady has since boarded with Mark and Grady shows his affection and respect when he sees Mark and is happy to go with him. That to me, shows that Mark trains with positive reinforcement and a deep commitment to the animal. I highly recommend 203K9 for their specialized and customized training service!

AshleyBrooke Pavia

We had such an amazing experience with 203K9! We got our Pitbull pup from NYBC in Long Island at 10 weeks old and man was she a handful! We knew because she is a larger breed and a Pitbull we wanted to get her trained in obedience and on/off leash training. I, of course, was nervous because our dog is like my child, so it takes alot for me to leave her with people. I did my research and heard nothing but praise about 203K9 and my mind was set. Marc was wonderful with our Harley Quinn! She was with Marc for about 3 weeks and she came back a changed pup! I walk her with ease and she listens to all of her commands without really needing any corrections. Harley gets so many compliments about how well behaved she is and it makes me feel like a proud mama. We are so thankful for the work Marc and Steve did with our girl and are looking forward to the weekly group classes!

Carol Goldstone

I had (2) hyper active wheaten terriers that were too unmanageable to walk on a leash. Steven Cordoba saved the day! My dogs are now well trained, they listen, they don't pull and are respectful to other dogs and people. No more jumping, no more leash pulling. Steven is THE Dog Whisperer!

Joseph burney

Honestly 203k9 i cant thank them enough for what they have done for us with our boy BIG DIESEL . 2 year old american bully show dog/family dog he got bit by another dog and have become fear aggressive i was about to give up on showinf him because of the aggression in and out of the show ring but i contacted steve and mark and by far the best decision we ever made he cane back like a happy puppy again no aggression full on and off leash obedience working on advanced obedience now. Bit also they trained me to become a good handler. After coming home from board and train BIG DIESEL is now 1 win away from becoming a champion. He loves to train loves to go to group class and happy at home with his family . Thank you guys for everything use have done for us. And new dog we get we will be coming to 203k.


Steve and Marc changed our dog, Pip. Pip was a very anxious dog who went ballistic when she saw other dogs. After staying with Steve and Marc for 4 weeks, Pip finally calmed down and became much happier. Life for Pip, and for us, changed with the new Pip who now obeys commands, is no longer hyper-vigilant, and is finally walkable. And the group classes reinforce the training and help keep us focused and on the right path; and they are fun!Thank you Steve and Marc for changing Pip and making all of our lives so much better.

Mark S.

I have been doing sport dog work with Steve since December 2015, and am very happy with him and his team at 203K9. Steve does a great job of both building my dog up, and challenging him at the appropriate time. Steve’s concern for my dog’s development is genuine, and that concern quickly becomes apparent to anyone watching him work. Steve always puts the dog first.

Marc is always there backing Steve up, and serves as a second decoy in a different suit, giving my dog even more learning opportunities.

Sport dog training is a never-ending process, and I look forward to working with Steve, Mark, and Josh well into the future.

Beth H.

Can't say enough about Steve & 203 k9 starting from rehabbing Bronco after everyone else gave up on him to the numerous other clients I have sent for behavioral adjustments. He is caring & totally in it for the dogs